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About Us
The Canadian Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (CATCMA) 
CATCMA is Canada’s most prestigious professional organization of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture. Its members come from across Canada, 

CATCMA is a national federally incorporated non-profit association of TCM and acupuncture practitioners and TCM pharmacists. CATCMA is a professional organization with headquarters in Toronto. CATCMA strives to achieve the following objectives: 

To unite all TCM and acupuncture practitioners to work together, encourage them to advocate the legal recognition and regulation of TCM in Canada, 
To popularize and to spread TCM knowledge, promote the recognition and acceptance of TCM, and to provide prevention, treatment, restoration and health care services. 
To provide continuing education and training opportunities for CATCMA members, and to support academic research and clinical services. 
To standardize TCM practices and provide effective oversight of CATCMA members in order to strengthen public perception of the CATCMA.

18 Wynford Dr. Unit 509, Toronto, ON. M2C 3S2, Canada 

Cheng, Zhao   5 Taverly Rd. Toronto, ON.  M2J 4E4   416-526-6418

Peng, Lin    45 Deans Drive, Toronto, ON. M1L 0B9   647-887-2697

Secretary General:
Guo, Lei     1 Partridge Lane, Scarborough, ON. M1T 3C5 416-841-0963

By-law of CATCMA